Self care

I plan to talk a lot about self care through writing and in my videos. I have such a desire to see especially parents take care of themselves and make themselves a priority. In this job it’s so easy to neglect yourself because as we know we are trying to keep the little humans alive, happy and give them the best life. I feel this has come a bit more natural to me because of my years as a social worker. Starting in college to university self care was always discussed and taught to avoid burnout in the field. I look at it the same way now as a parent. If I dont take care of myself however that may look than I am going to burn myself out. But wait for out…. as a parent even if you burn yourself out for the most part the job must continue. So my thought is why get to that point? Why not keep yourself well cared for so you avoid the major burnout as a parent? Get the lie out of your head that by taking time for yourself however that may look will make you less of a parent, a bad parent or selfish. In my view by taking this time it will only help assist in being the best parent we possibly can. The way I look at it is when I am parenting I give it my 100% (not everyday but you get the idea😉) why cant I be a mom and still give myself the best care? For everybody self care is going to look and feel different but whatever you do people start investing in yourself! I also believe by doing this our children see life differently. We are teaching them that life doesn’t revolve around them. Not sure if you have noticed but children from infants to around 3 years old are selfish beings naturally this doesn’t make them “bad” this is the circle of life as they are dependent on us. It’s our duty to help teach them and show them that there is more to life than just them as they grow.

Parents it is a necessity to love and take care of yourself it’s the only way your going to make it through to your child’s 18th birthday😄.

If you havent heard this saying before let me be the first to share.

Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your children. I look forward to digging deeper into this topic with you.

On that note take care!

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