Lets get this party started

So lately don’t get me wrong, I am busy probably the busiest I have ever been in my life however I feel I’m not using my brain to the level I once did when I was working in my career. My mind is always going 24/7 regarding life and what has to be done, how I can save money, clean the house, what I’m cooking for dinner and it just goes on. I love trying new things, new techniques and it is always a win when I find something that works saves me time and money. My newest win is for me to start blogging which includes me using my brain more as I research and write and then report back to you all with what I come up with. I have watched many youtubers and see all these people mostly mom’s sharing their fav projects from Pinterest. Well I love Pinterest but every time I copy an idea on there it never comes out the exact way and my kids never behave the exact way they say their kids did. I have a Disclaimer for you we don’t have it all togerher  and I will never profess to be. I’m just trying to navigate though life, my marriage, parenting,work, family and friendships the best I know how. I plan to pass on what I come up with with you all of you and I hope you do the same. I do promise to be real, raw and honest (sorry if there is TMI) if you know me that is something I don’t shy away from its the only way to keep grounded especially with the wonderful joys of social media. So I plan to have fun doing this and keep myself confidence in check.  I have already prepared myself that if I don’t get many “likes” I’m not going to curl up in a ball and cry.🤣 So for now my friends keep on keeping on “raising our gifts”.
Yes this page is more for parents but I’m not trying to cut anyone out. I plan to share money saving tips (who doesn’t like to save a dollar), cleaning, relationship tips and everything in between.
Can you believe I typed most of this up in March and only now posting this. No better time than

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