What Are We Doing Today?

Anybody else have kids that ask them first thing Saturday morning what the plans are for the day? It’s always my son Malachi who greets me with this question usually standing beside my bed on Saturday morning as I open my eyes.

When the the spring and summer months are up it’s easy to come up with cost effective activities to do with our kids. The options are pretty much endless!

With the cold winter weather in full force its not always as easy especially if there is no snow. Speaking of snow, moms and dads we have to hook ourselves up with proper winter attire. These kids can stay outside in this cold for hours. I recently got myself a pair of snow pants at a thrift store and I am ready for hours outside if need be.

A few months ago I had posted on my social media accounts activities to do in the the colder months. I had posed the question and got some great ideas. I added more that we have done or plan to do and wanted to share this list as we prepare for this cold weekend.

28 free or cheap activities to do with the kids:

1. Check Wagjag and Groupon they always have great deals. Indoor trampoline parks, bowling, rock climbing, museums, craft centers, restaurants and the list goes on.

2. Visit your local library
3. Indoor swim at a community centre

4. Arrange a good old fashion play date ( if you like the mom invite her to stay😉)

5. Bake (have the kids choose, lead the way and help with clean up)

6. Search Pinterest for an easy DIY kid friendly project.

7. Check out your cities website or cities close by. Most cities put on free or cheap events throughout the year.

8. Check out local churches websites. Free movie nights, special events etc

9. Teach the kids a life skill. Sewing, cook a meal never made in your home, how to build something etc.

10. Good old movies and a special snack.

11. Free skating at outdoor skating rinks.

12. If there’s snow find a hill to tobaggon on. ( nothing says stress reliever for an adult better than acting like a kid.)

13. Go out for hot drinks. This changes up the scenery.

14. Family favourites at Cineplex are $2.99 per person on Saturdays at 11:00 am for a featured family movie. Also if you are going to a regular price movie get your tickets at Costco for 11.99. I usually have at least 3 laying around as I refuse to pay full price.

15. Make a fort!

16. Get down on the floor and play with the kids. These kids love mini sticks

17. Board games

18. Set up a spa with your girls. Give each other mani’s and pedi’s.

19. Invite a family over who has kids close in age. Do an EASY dinner or order pizza! Kids can play and adults can hang out.

20. Pick up a hobby: my kids all enjoy chess which their dad has enjoyed teaching them.

21. Check out a local hockey game. The tickets are way cheaper than the NHL and nice and close.

22. Check out local theaters.

23. When there is snow go for a walk on a trail.

24. Check out a thrift store and let the kids pick a toy, puzzle or game to play. Way cheaper then Toys R US.

25. Do a scavenger hunt outside, at the mall etc

26. Girls may enjoy this more. Go to the mall, pick outfits out and have your own fashion show. Have them bring a friend a long

27. Go out for dessert.

28. Last but not least… Sit down and engage with the kids and have genuine conversation. Where you are in no rush to do or be anywhere. I promise you will learn a lot about them and the same can be said for them. My kids are forever asking us to tell them stories of our childhood.

Enjoy this weekend with your family. One thing I want parents to know is that it’s not about the money we spend during the weekend that the kids remember. It’s the time spent, so I say spend the time wisely!

Thanks for checking this out and subscribe if you haven’t done so. Please leave a comment on free or cheap activities your family enjoys doing in the winter.

6 thoughts on “What Are We Doing Today?”

  1. Great post! My kids are little, (ages 2 & 4) so we’ve still got nap time to contend with during the day for the littlest one. We have a back pack child carrier for when we want to go on longer hikes, and when it’s really cold outside but we want to get out we go to the arena close by our the local ymca for swimming, skating, or just walking around.

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    1. Thanks for checking it! Nap time is such a perfect time for everyone to recharge and prep for the second half of the day. The carrier is so clutch to still ensure you can get out for a walk in the winter.


  2. You have some many great ideas! I really agree on the good winter stuff for mom and dad. I feel like I’m freezing every time we go out to play. My son and I have done a few of these ideas. We love the pool and go at least twice a week over the winter. He also loves to bake and helps with cooking too. It’s so important to have things to do when it’s not so friendly outside.


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