Don’t Just Survive The Holidays This Year Enjoy Them!

I dont know about you but that is my goal for Christmas 2018. I may be just writting this for me and that is ok.

We are coming up to a lot of get togethers in the next week. Whether hosting or visiting along with the hustle and bustle of everything it’s going to be busy.

I want to share what I have come up with to try this year that I believe will help me to enjoy this time as a parent as much as my children. I also have my tried and tested hacks I use that I will pass on.

I appreciate you taking a few minutes to read this so let’s get started.

1. Put the kids clothes out the night before: I can not concentrate when the kids are running around (can I get an amen?) It’s one thing if its school but when you actually want to put together a half decent outfit x4 I need concentration . I do this most Saturday nights before church as well. I have a couple children who like to pick their own stuff out. To avoid a great debate I have them pick out before bed. Mornings are already hectic enough so anything to alleviate a step is good by me.

2. Have gifts packed not only wrapped: This is one I thought of just this year. When I told my husband about this he was very thankful. We have 5 more get togethers left. So my plan this year is to have the gifts for the event we are going to not only packed but put in a tote bin and put them in the garage. When we are in departure mode aka the mass exodus my husband always loads up the van all items and children. This will be way easier for him to just bring the presents out all ready to go and best yet this will make sure no present gets left behind! Then I can finish getting beautified and running around the house like a “mad woman!”

3. Make your food choice simple: If you have a choice of food item to bring to the get togethers make it simple…No harm in purchasing store bought. I’m telling you it goes down the same way and you take back anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour plus in the kitchen during this very busy time.

4. Prep Christmas breakfast the night before: I have talked to a lot of moms this week. Many of them do a breakfast casserole which can be prepared the night before to go along with brunch. Check out the link below for the one I’m going to try this year.

We always make a huge Christmas breakfast however it is time consuming. By trying this I hope to save some time Christmas morning. I also turn this into a big family effort. So everyone helps to share the load of breakfast prep.

5. Pack pj’s ( this one is tried and true): I mean for the kids but why not pack some for you too. We do this pretty much anytime we go out it makes for a nice easy transition when they fall asleep on the long drive home. Unless of coure they wake up not knowing where they are then they start screaming. That part sucks! 99.5% of the time they go straight into bed.

6. Make easy memories: Sometimes are minds tend to go to elaborate when we think of making traditions for our children. I have a secret for you. A tradition doesnt have to be elaborate! Think back to what you remember about the holidays as a kid. I bet you it was quite simple. Christmas day the last two years we haven’t had to go anywhere until dinner. We stay in our pj’s, let the kids open every toy, break up a few arguments along the way and overall just chill out. My kids talk about this when they talk about Christmas. Maybe a night in playing games, watching movies or making something are on your to do list. Just don’t forget to have that downtime with your crew to recharge.

7. Take time to sit and enjoy your company: This one is for all the hostesses. Make sure you give yourself a chance and time to do nothing. When your hosting its ok to take a break and come out of your headquarters the kitchen and participate in the conversations. Benefit from the all the joy surrounding your house. Not everything has to be perfect to make it a perfect night. One thing I like to do when hosting is have almost everything ready by the time our guests arrive. It gives me the chance to actually visit. Plus with the set up of my house the kitchen is off to the side so it doesnt allow for open concept convo.

Something is going to have to give but what? It’s going to look different for everyone but just know its ok to let something slide, not make a certain item or visit certain people. If you have a spouse then share the roles. My personal fave is sharing the sleep ins. I sleep in one day and hubby the next. We are on vacay after all. Nothing wrong with that.

Enjoy this wonderful and oh so exciting holiday with your love ones. I plan to enjoy my time amongst all the hustle and bustle.

You may find yourself running late, overwhelmed on occasion or forget your babies wipes or bib. Through all of this give yourself some Grace!

I would love to hear what you do or plan to do that will allow you to enjoy these holidays. Leave your comments below and if you haven’t yet take a second to sign up.

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