Date Night Swap

I have been talking a lot about back to school on my pages this week but for my blog post I wanted to focus on us adults.

Life is so busy;we all say that. I feel like we use this as an excuse all too much. Life is busy but we all have priorities and we deliberately make things a priority. When you make something a priority in life it doesn’t mean there wont be resistance. We sign our children up for extra circular activities. We make the effort to confirm they get to all of their scheduled activities. We make the effort to meet up with friends. With that being said do you find you make date nights a priority? We could come up with tons of reasons as to why they don’t happen as often as we would like. When you become a parent the spontaneity of being able to go out whenever you please is thrown out the window. With kids there is one catch who watches them when you go out? We can’t always ask the grandparents. They have lives too and some of these wonderful people have a dozen grandchildren. Or maybe you dont even live anywhere close to your parents or family. We have a good roster of babysitters but it can get costly. By the time you pay for a sitter, grab dinner and maybe do something else your well over $100.00.

My neighbours have 4 kids and we have gotten to know eachother quite well since they moved in a year ago. One night we were headed out for dinner and she had mentioned that they had not been out on date for a while. It came to me when we were driving that we could swap childcare to ensure we each get a chance to get out. I suggested this to her the next day. Her and her husband thought it was a great idea!

We swapped a date night once in the summer and it worked out perfect. We are in the process of scheduling some more for September. The benefit of this is that it gives us one free date night every 4-6 weeks. If we want to go out other times we can go to our roster list, call on the grandparents or family members.

What I would recommend is:

1. Book both couples date nights well in advance. We all have busy schedules and if we dont book in advance it can get really tricky to plan.

2. For me personally I prefer the kids be in bed. If your children aren’t sleeping at least have them all ready for bed and in their room for the night. It makes the evening a win win with the parent who is on babysitting duty. They also get to feel like a teen sitter and play on their phone all night, read or binge watch Netflix.

You may not have a neighbour but most of us have close friends or family close by we trust with our children. Ask them if they want to swap a date night. This way your guaranteed at least one free one every four to six weeks.

It is so easy for couples to get disengaged with everything that is expected of us day in and day out. By scheduling a date night out and some in this will help keep us engaged and feeling connected. If you are in need of date night in ideas just search this on Google and you will have so many great ideas come up.

Personally I feel if you are in a relationship we have to invest in it. Our children are at home with us for approximately 18-20 years. Keep investing in your relationship so that when our children are long gone we still know our spouse and depending on the day will enjoy hanging out and spending time with them.😉

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