Watch “Raising our Gifts With Tonya Hamilton” on YouTube
I’m going to call these videos… Two minutes with T😃 I know so corny but you have to admit it has a nice ring😉. I did this video in 2 min 33 sec no editing and definitely no filter (easy to notice). I’m talking about how I’m choosing to deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed today. It would sort of defeat the purpose if I spend a ton of time making the video and getting the best shots as I’m already feeling I dont have enough time. This is me and this is real life!!!
Quote from my bestie @nicholelbernard ” I think what’s helping me a bit is just trying to remember how blessed we really are to be living the lives we live. Busy means blessed?” That’s the truth and I’m sticking with it.
Full video on YouTube @ raising our gifts with Tonya Hamilton link in profile
#speaktruth #bestiesarelife #overwhelmed

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