What’s in your bag?

I’m trying out this “vlogging” today.

Disclaimer it’s not perfect but I do not have tons of time to edit so dont mind the editing flaws.😉

I feel there are some ideas that are just better off shared through seeing and hearing. These busy summer days have our family all over the place and with the kids being different age ranges I had to fill my bag with items that work for all of them. Watch this video for some of my must have’s that I keep in my bag to help keep us somewhat sane while out with our kids and them entertained.

Comment below with your must have’s for on the go. I have room in my bag and would love to add some more items.

Another tip: there aren’t too many times I sit down and watch a video from start to finish. My fav time for viewing is while I’m cleaning my kitchen or getting ready in the morning. Multitasking is LIFE!

2 thoughts on “What’s in your bag?”

  1. I’m definitely taking away a lot of tips from this video. My daughter is responsible for a water and a snack. And I carry a diaper bag. I would be interested in a video of your hair hacks Jolomi’s hair is just like yours and I have trouble finding suitable detangling products.


    1. I’m so glad! Oh man hair is not my strong suit. LOL
      I finally found a hairline that works for all of us. It’s called Cantu. Its sold at Walmart, Sally’s and I’m sure any black hair supply store. I love Sally’s because they will let you return the product with receipt and get your money back if you dont like it. This is perfect when you are spending a ton of money excitementing on product.


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